Facts about the society

The seat of the animal welfare society PfötchenHilfe Rhodos e.V. is in germany. Since 13.03.2008 the society is registered at the county court Essen-Steele with the No. 676.

We get a formal benefit to the public, which says that our animal welfare society is specially exploitable.

At the 29.09.2007 the animal welfare society is established from Mirjam Sdun, with 8 members -

At first the members scraped home because of the privat project -, which was coined also by the 1. chairman in the year 2006. The presidency of the society are:

1. chairman: Mirjam Sdun
2. chairman: Julia Klingeberg
secretary : Carsten Sievert

Basics about the society

PfötchenHilfe Rhodos e.V. is a new coined and only small animal welfare society, with only a few members and voluntary helpers. But they all had made it to their business, to help needy animals at the greek sun-island of rhodos.

Because till now the society is only finance by private alms of the members, the society is dependent in donations.

It exist a very close collaboration with Rhodes Animal Welfare Society and also a co-operation with the german animal libera- tionist Mascha Hentschel from Noahs Ark, which is located in Lachania, a small village in the south of the island.

Our work and our goals

During the local animal welfare society have important agendas to decrease the stray dogs and cats with castration, to take care of them and to explain the greek people about, we have to carry over the part of the adoptions to germany.

To take care for the animals at rhodos and to help them activ are important and hard duties. But to give them a livable and happy future and to explain the tourists about, are also relevant duties.
This part we wanted to reject!

Long dated, we alm following goals:

We would like to built up an ideal & efficient network with flight partners, foster homes & co. - only on this way, we could bring more animals to germany, to find from here faster a new loving home for them.

It would be basic to appoint a society member locally. Because this person could attend things directly in rhodos, find new flight- partners, inform german tourists and also take care of separate animal fortunes.

Awareness training! We would like to inform and explain all interested people, especially tourists about the animal cruels on the island rhodos.

Equally important is it - to explain the travel organisations, airlines, tourist guides & greek hoteliers. We have to sensitize them for the problems too and will try to win them over as helping persons!

We have to print information brochures - with the assistance "what can I do, if I want to take an animal with me home" for tourists. And we have to circulate them.

Animal protection and care appears to be a kind of foreign words in rhodos! We want to crack heads of the government.
We want to let them know, with what kind of a disapproval our western culture is looking about the grievances. It must not be, that a state in the EU could detract their charge!

Our biggest request - The government had carried the animal shelter, which was in charged by the rhodos animal welfare soc. untill the year 2008.

After the fact, that the greek government don´t want a further co-operation with us, we wish and try to build up another small shelter with our friends from the rhodos animal welfare. Item
we want to support them more comprehensive with castration-projects in the future.

Withal throwbacks, we take a lot of goals for the rhodos animals and we will fight for them anymore -

We would be pleased to receive, if you would help us to change our goals!

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